Come what may!

Come what may!
How was your day? Was it hard? Did you face obstacles or challenges? It may be a hard life, but don’t let that stop you from looking forward to each new day, come what may.
Remember tomorrow is another day and with it brings new opportunities to try and to succeed.
Think clearly about what you want in life. Don’t let life’s challenges, circumstances or fears stop you in your tracks.
Strive for success. Take each new opportunity as a moment to live and experience the wonderful world we live in. Think about your desires, wants and goals and be so clear that a five year old child would know what it is and if you have succeeded.
Decide to take action and just do it! Take the first step, don’t be afraid of failure, to fail is just another step on the path to success. The clearer you are on identifying your goals and the motivation behind them, the greater the chances will be of your eventual success.
My special son has shared his goals with me and he is well on the way to achieving his goals. He sits there roleplaying at being whatever it is he wants to be, he does his research and he smiles like he has already achieved it.
My special son inspires me and so many others. He doesn’t let anyone tell him something is unrealistic or impossible. Don’t let others or the voice in your head deter you from trying. Smile like you have already achieved it. Know that you have it within your grasp and you just have to be clear on what you want and be willing to do the work or pay the price.
Take action and let 2017 be a year you look back on fondly, knowing you did it.
So as my son says each morning when he is working towards his goals, “Do it now!”
My son then does his cheesy grin and dances across the hallway, being the best performer he can be.

Good luck on your journey. 2017 is the year of success.

Thanks for checking in with me.


If only life was more like Pac-Man

Thanks for checking in with me.

If only life was more like Pac-Man. I have watched my son play Pac-Man countless times. He has a groove, a smooth pattern that makes playing look easy. His highest scores is incredible. If he gets into difficulty or a challenging situation, he remains calm. Why? Because he has learnt if you don’t panic and just believe you can think of a solution, the likelihood of surviving the tricky situation is increased. When you watch him play you will see exactly how he just remains focused and calm (I will include the link so you can see exactly what I mean). If you just give up and just feel overwhelmed by the situation, then you get a selffulfilling prophecy and you are trapped and defeated because of your negative attitude. But if you believe in yourself and stay calm you can find or think of a solution to your predicament.

My son has dedicated several hours to his craft and it shows. He is aware that if you don’t take the first step and give it time and effort, how can you improve? He believes in practice, practice and more practicing. His time and effort show in his performance. He glides through each screen and it is stunning the way it almost looks effortless. You look at the speed and the transitions he makes as he progresses. He collects rewards and you can see his accomplishments accumulating.

When you take in the whole picture and see how he has mastered so many skills to make his progression seem effortless. He demonstrates so much about life.

This small child knows what he wants to achieve but the only thing holding him back is not fear but a lack of time. He would have achieved more but time runs out. He has wasted none of his lives; he makes it to the end of the game with one of the highest scores. His best scores are top 5% on X-Box Live.

How is this small child so accomplished and confident? It seems he just goes for it. He has identified his mission and purpose. He does not allow setbacks or obstacles to defeat or deter him. He has determination and perseverance to keep going. He has noticed the patterns and uses this knowledge to his advantage and if he does make a mistake he accepts it and keeps going.

I say to you to learn what you can from others and have a purpose so you too can achieve your goals and be a winner.

You do not know how much time you have, so do not waste any of your opportunities. Take the firsts step and get started on achieving your goals.

Watch my son play Pac-Man here :




Denial is it a positive thing or a negative thing?

Hello everyone,

Thanks for checking in with me. It is so important that we continue to share and develop our self awareness.

Throughout our day and our lives we have to wonder are we in denial? Do we accept the various scenarios we find ourselves in? For instance, as parents, when we notice something different about our child do we accept it or ignore it? Do we do research and ask questions to find out if this behaviour or reaction of any given situation is the norm or something special?

It can be so challenging to accept that your child might be special, that they have additional or complicated needs. You can go through stages where you compare your child to your other children, or children of your friends or family.

I ask you, when is denial a good thing? Could it be when you know that it will help you to cope with your situation?

I do not know the answers, but I know the questions I have been asking myself and others. Let us consider if we stop being in denial, maybe we can get the support and help each other to know that we are not alone and it is alright to ask questions and ask for help.

Take care and remember fake it until you make it. You will succeed and ask for help when you need to.


What can you do to help your child with their homework or learning?

Hi everyone,

I shared with you the battle I experience getting my middle son to start and complete his homework. You reached out to me with suggestions. I have read :

The Homework Wars: Strategies To Finally Win The Homework Battle [Kindle Edition]
By: Mercedes Samudio

Parents and children alike will cherish this book. Mercedes has a remarkable ability to take a topic like homework and create a fascinating page turning insight that transports you into the mind of a child. Whether it is evoking memories of your own childhood and school experiences, to reflecting on your child’s experience in and out of the classroom.

The Homework Wars: Strategies To Finally Win The Homework Battle provides strategies that in are in a easy to read and understand format. You are able to absorb the information with ease while remembering your own experiences.

The additional resources such as Homework battle map really compliment this excellent book. The map is in a visually appealing format and reminds you of the six strategies in a handy format.

In addition to the Homework war sheets which provide ideas on what your child could do to relax before starting homework.

This book is a concise guide to helping you to understand why it might be challenging for your child to start and complete their homework. It also provides guidance for you to follow to make it more of a manageable experience for you and your child.

Let us share our resources, tell each other about books, resources or ideas that worked for you. What can we do to help our children to succeed?

Should we be the type of parent that has a book in their hand studying so children know we do homework as well?

Good luck to us all as we continue to find the path to helping our children facing the hurdles and challenges in life.

I will make sure that I have a routine that involves relaxation time for my son, I remind myself of the challenges we both face. I will ensure that I remain calm and confident so that he has the impression that homework is not a job to be done but an essential and enjoyable part of spending time together.

Take care and let me know if your challenge is that you are unsure of how to do the homework. I remember trying to help me eldest son who is gifted and talented in maths and science. It was about knowing which books or websites to refer to so I could understand. I eventually decided to find other parents who had children finding it challenging to understand the school work or the school work was not demanding enough. I have three children each with very different educational and social needs that is why I know we must share our knowledge, skills and experiences.

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Please let me know if you have a book to review or have a review to share.