Think about it, how precious is time?

Hi everyone, thanks for checking in with me. This year is special because it is a leap year. Waiting four years for a leap year, so much time has passed. Do we truly value how precious time is? I just visited my in-laws and time seemed to past at a different rate. When I look at my children and see how they are growing and developing, I think how time passes so quickly. Why is it, when we are doing something pleasant, we don’t see how the speed of time changes?

Bruce Lee said something that has stayed in my mind: “If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”

I suggest to you, that you remember to live your life and use each precious moment in a way that you enjoy. Spend your moments doing the things you say you will do someday. When is someday? Is it today? Tomorrow? A week from now? If ever?

There are so many things l want to do. Thanks to a fellow blogger, Seb, I have a checklist of things that will stimulate my mind and give me the “feel good” feeling.

I want to reflect on my memories knowing I felt good everyday and I kept feeling better. I want to be excited about each new day, because it is an opportunity to do all those things that make me feel alive. I want to experience all there is to feel.

One of my favourite authors Charles Haanel, inspired me to have goals and what type of person you need to be. I want to know that I am whole, perfect, loving, harmonious, powerful, strong and happy. He made me realise that you need to feel good.

I know that l feel good everyday and others are starting to feel good. People often ask me why do l feel so good?  I tell them about the good days and the slightly less good times and that they can feel good as well.

Let us use our time well everyday, so we fulfil our dreams, I know that I am feeling good and those around me are feeling good also.

I shared my idea with my children and they really are adorable and supportive children. We have written our goals and we have described the feeling that we want to achieve and we are holding on to it. My husband kinda likes the idea but he says he doesn’t do back flips. Who does? Don’t allow others to distract you.

So join us in thinking about how to use your time to feel good. Use your time well so that you are not missing a part that would fulfil you. What do you need to do to feel whole and complete? What do you need to do so you can face those challenges, so that you feel strong and powerful? So you can say yes to opportunities and no to time wasting and negative situations? So you can be loving to yourself and those you care for? Why should you use your precious time wisely? So that the result will be that you are happy.

Thomas Edison once remarked: “Time is the only capital any human being has and the only thing he cannot afford to lose.”

Good luck to us all on this wonderful journey of life, let us be the best version of ourselves and fulfil our hopes and dreams.

Take care and let me know how to use that precious time.

Happy Cally.

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For a great source of knowledge and tips to help you improve your life check out Seb.

Feel good?

Hello everyone, thanks for checking in with me. Do you feel good? Well, l am feeling good and l want to keep feeling better.

I have been reflecting and reading and l know that l feel good when l have a purpose. I feel good when l have something l am looking forward to achieving. Feeling good feels great! Just like smiling makes you feel good.

Children are amazing! they make feeling good look easy. My son is a master at feeling good. Mud made from rain gives him a purpose. He makes plans to play and build in that mud and he does it. Children can remind you to get on and do those things that make you feel good. The feeling of happiness l get when my son says, “Come on mummy! Come and play with me.”

Just get started feeling good. Getting started on what you feel is your purpose  and what will help you to feel good.

Get prepared to get started on that small action that will get you on the road to feeling good. It can be different for you, but you know what you need to do, for it to be that first step. Now what needs to be done? It is all about feeling. What makes you feel good? What are those things you want to get done? And what is the next step?

You are in charge, manage what you need to do, manage your distractions. Move from a vague goal to actually what you need to do to get started.

Be the role model for yourself. Be clear on what you want to do to feel good. What are the things you need to do so that you can achieve that feeling of feeling good? What next? Just keep on being driven to achieve, so you feel good and keep feeling better.

Remember the present and the future are just a matter of time. Help the present you and future you to feel good by thinking about your goals and sense of purpose, and implement the actions you need to do to achieve.

When you look back with fond memories, it is because you lived the life that made you feel good. You will be grateful you created a foundation for your children to know mindset and purpose are the key.

S0 l ask you, do you feel good? I hope your future you will be able to say, “yes l do and l keep feeling better.”

Take care, feeling good, Cally.

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The power of your smile

Hi everyone, thanks for checking in with me. My year so far is going well and I wanted to share with you something that many of us take for granted and that is the power of a smile.

Smiling is so powerful and it is something that we can all do. You may find your smiling when you think about your day or that special someone, it can happen anywhere or at any moment.

l know smiling can I improve your whole mood. I have this friend and when we are in a meeting and I smile at her she just gets what l am thinking and we reflect each other’s smile and we look around the room and others start smiling too.

Sometimes that smile can transform into a giggle and when you are laughing and smiling it is one of the best feelings in the world. I have found some really brilliant blogs I am following and they just make me smile and laugh as l relate to the experience or picture the situation.

A smile can make you just fall in love with your child over and over again. One of the best feelings is the smile you get when your child sees that mummy and daddy have come to collect them from school, the way your child’s smile radiates around it makes you get butterflies.

A smile can signal forgiveness, a harder faces starts to soften and you know you are about to be forgiven and that loved one receives that smile and it lets them know you are sorry for upsetting them.

A smile can turn into a grin that signals that someone is going to have a very enjoyable evening and that you are so glad that someone loves you dearly.

So if you can start your day with a lovely smile. I highly recommend it! Thanks to my wonderful son who starts each day and night by putting his big cheesy smile right in my face as soon as he wakes up and before he goes to sleep. I love my children dearly and l love that a gesture like a smile can give so much hope and love.

So l suggest to you to remember the power of your smile and l hope you give and receive so many.

Take care and thanks for all those wonderful blogs and people who make us smile.

Thanks for reading smiling Cally





Give me hope and joy!

Thanks for checking in with me. It has been a challenging few weeks.  But it is a new year and l am filled with hope and look forward to all the new opportunities for joy.

l am determined to remain positive and try to ensure that I am ready to face my journey of life and l know that when l look back it will be with fond memories and wonder.

l hope that you have a wonderful start to the new year and that we all remain hopeful and stop to enjoy the pleasant moments and believe we will face challenges by being prepared and supported.

Take care


Why do we need to listen and give hope?

Why do we need to listen and give hope?

Hello everyone, thank you for checking in with me. I have been overwhelmed with how wonderful my wordpress community is. I have been inspired, moved and tearful reading the stories and experiences of my follow bloggers. I just want to say well done to everyone for being willing to help others to grow and develop. I have so much hope for the present and the future that I feel blessed.

I have had a challenging couple of weeks, and each time when things were really getting to me, something or someone gave me hope and encouragement. I hurt my knee and it has been giving me such pain and discomfort that it has been getting me down. It’s amazing how so many movements and activities involve bending your knee.  I am hoping that one way or another, my knee issue gets resolved. I should know by the weekend what is wrong with it. I just hope it is not from my running.

I have been trying to listen to all those who have reached out to me and really try to help all those that I can. I have created some additional web pages on my domain so I can spread the word about all the causes and issues people have been telling me about.

I think that mental wellbeing is so vital to us having hope, because without it we can feel so helpless and lost and unless there is someone to support us we can get trapped in a downward spiral. At the moment a friend of mine is feeling overwhelmed with her burdens – she has siblings but feels that all family issues are left to her to resolve. When she listed the issues; I was speechless and I realised she needed to rant and rave and just let it out. Sometimes, all we can do to support someone is to be there and just listen. Sometimes, a person’s issues cannot be resolved without the person talking it through and feel that someone is willing to hear what they have to say. My friend contacted me once she had calmed down and simply said thanks for listening. “I just needed someone to hear me, not to compare their life to mine, not to say how everything going to be alright, but to hear I am upset and overwhelmed with my burden”.

So I suggest to you that we have hope for ourselves and our friends but know that first we must listen to what someone has to say. That maybe, what the person needs first, is to know someone is willing to listen, and then after they have talked, give them the hope they need to cope with their issues. I know now, how important just being there at the right time can make all the difference for someone. Even here on my blog, someone wrote me a lovely comment and it made me smile and gave me relief from my knee agony for a few blissful moments. You never know how one moment of kindness and consideration of another person can have such a positive impact. So take that moment and let someone know you are there, listening and willing to give hope and inspiration when requested or needed.

Let me know how you get on, and don’t be disheartened by your challenges and struggles. Be there for someone when they just need someone to hear their cry for help and to acknowledge that right now they are being challenged. Let them know that you will listen and support them.

Good luck to us all and remember we have a wonderful community that is willing to share, care and listen. Thank you to all those who have made me remember the obvious: we all can make a differences for the better and we all matter.

Take care,


Should we stop procrastinating and start living the life we want to live?


Thank you for checking in with me. I have been so busy! Doing what you may ask. Well I have made up my mind to remind myself that I am so glad to be here. I intend to achieve my goals aims and ambitions. How am I going to do that you may ask! Well I have a plan of action.

The first thing I did was read several motivational books and I watched The Secret and from my research, I decided that I have to start enjoying my life and be glad that I am here. I have to remind myself that I am here to live my life and face whatever challenges that come my way.

As a busy parent, with very challenging and demanding children it is a real challenge to stay on task and get things done. So I said to myself, you have to stop procrastinating and start living the life you want to live, so that you have no regrets and smile when you reflect on the wonderful experiences you have had.

I want to motivate you to do the same. I want to share with you what I have been doing so that you know, what and how I have overcome challenges and hurdles.

My story is a simply one. I hope that you will see that you too can live the life you want to live.

I decided I would have to come up with a plan, so that it would be clear in my mind what I want and I would actually think about why I want it. So part of the plan was to make a list of things I want to do. After that I made notes on what I would need to do to implement the things on my list.

Once I made my list, I evaluated and made a few changes and felt very pleased.

My list was looking good, so I gave each thing a rough time guide and a note on how much time commitment would be necessary.

The result was, that I have had a very fruitful and effective week. So here are my tips for you:

Be glad you are here, and decide what you want to achieve, write it down, think about how and when you are going to do it and the most important part just do it.

Let me know how your week is and what you achieve on your list.

I managed to run another 5km and I am 1 minute faster because I have been training consistently. I managed to make time to listen to my children read daily and ask comprehension questions about the text we read. I also made fresh bread with my children on Sunday and used this as a teaching opportunity, so they were learning about measurement and change of state. I also managed to take the children to the park and had fun. I managed to write that book I have always wanted to write and I hope that you are inspired to do something you have always wanted to do to.

Thanks to all of you that have started running and are enjoying it as much as I do. It is challenging but so worthwhile especially when your stamina and strength starts to kick in and you notice it is easier to keep going. So remember, even if it is challenging at first, know that it will get easier and it will be so rewarding for yourself and for those who love you seeing you at your happiest and best. So what ever it is that you have been thinking about doing, start it as soon as you can. You will be glad that you have started and an amazing thing will happen, you will have more energy and time because you feel so full of life.

I look forward to you sharing your experiences. Let me know what you did, and how much you enjoyed it. Your children will love seeing you bright and happy, and it will have a positive impact on them too.

Good luck to us all. Let us remain positive and concentrate on achieving our goals, and let us aim high for ourselves, friends and family.

Cally Finsbury

What can you do to help your child with their homework or learning?

Hi everyone,

I shared with you the battle I experience getting my middle son to start and complete his homework. You reached out to me with suggestions. I have read :

The Homework Wars: Strategies To Finally Win The Homework Battle [Kindle Edition]
By: Mercedes Samudio

Parents and children alike will cherish this book. Mercedes has a remarkable ability to take a topic like homework and create a fascinating page turning insight that transports you into the mind of a child. Whether it is evoking memories of your own childhood and school experiences, to reflecting on your child’s experience in and out of the classroom.

The Homework Wars: Strategies To Finally Win The Homework Battle provides strategies that in are in a easy to read and understand format. You are able to absorb the information with ease while remembering your own experiences.

The additional resources such as Homework battle map really compliment this excellent book. The map is in a visually appealing format and reminds you of the six strategies in a handy format.

In addition to the Homework war sheets which provide ideas on what your child could do to relax before starting homework.

This book is a concise guide to helping you to understand why it might be challenging for your child to start and complete their homework. It also provides guidance for you to follow to make it more of a manageable experience for you and your child.

Let us share our resources, tell each other about books, resources or ideas that worked for you. What can we do to help our children to succeed?

Should we be the type of parent that has a book in their hand studying so children know we do homework as well?

Good luck to us all as we continue to find the path to helping our children facing the hurdles and challenges in life.

I will make sure that I have a routine that involves relaxation time for my son, I remind myself of the challenges we both face. I will ensure that I remain calm and confident so that he has the impression that homework is not a job to be done but an essential and enjoyable part of spending time together.

Take care and let me know if your challenge is that you are unsure of how to do the homework. I remember trying to help me eldest son who is gifted and talented in maths and science. It was about knowing which books or websites to refer to so I could understand. I eventually decided to find other parents who had children finding it challenging to understand the school work or the school work was not demanding enough. I have three children each with very different educational and social needs that is why I know we must share our knowledge, skills and experiences.

Cally please visit my site :

Please let me know if you have a book to review or have a review to share.

Why is resilience so vital to success?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for checking in with me. I am so grateful for you taking an interest in me.

I have a new book review service on my website:

Let me know if you have a book that would benefit my followers.

It is so good to have the opportunity to update you on my progress. My week has been eventful and hectic but I have resilience so I will bounce back with each and every setback. I am still going to remind you of the importance of gratitude because it goes hand in hand with resilience (well for me anyway).

As I type I am supervising my middle child to complete his homework and I can tell you it is quite challenge getting him to begin, stay focused and to complete. The moans and signs and looks of disgust from this child are incredible. I have used several techniques of spreading the homework over several days and yet still it is so exhausting for this poor child and me.

How I long for this heartbreaking moment to be over. The sound track of his discomfort will soon be complete. His hands over his face and look of dismay will soon be complete, just 10 more questions to go…

It is so amazing to think that someone could be absolutely overjoyed just because a small child has completed one part the monotonous task of writing a word out several times on a sheet, until he has looked, checked covered and repeated again and again.  Then move on to questions to answerabout  tenses…Oh what joy this is and there is still more to do on Sunday.

Yet his ability to preserve and keep going even though he protests and groans he continues. Thus I am extremely impressed with this small child’s resilience. He will succeed because he has a goal. He counts down how many questions he has remaining. He asks for help when he deems it necessary.

I suggest we remind ourselves of the small victories we have had. We focus on the goals we want and have. We stay on track and accept that all good things come to those who wait, but while waiting we find some comfort and joy to help us to preserve and toughen up during the trying times.

Good luck to us all, as we make our way through this incredible minefield of parenthood. Let us continue to develop the tools we need to help to inspire, support and guide our beloved children.

We must remember to fake it until we make it, continue to develop our grit and know we are the masters of our destiny.

Take care all and let me know about your challenges and victories. Sigh when you have to, cry when you need to and do your best to find something to laugh about!


The importance of gratitude

Hi everyone,

I am grateful that I have made it through the first week of school with my children. I remembered the tips and advice that we have been sharing.

It is easy to look at what someone else has and think: why can’t that be me? But do you know if they are thinking the same thing about your life?

We have so many things that we take for granted. I can guarantee you that there is someone out there wishing they had something that you have right now. We need to step out of the moment of upset and breathe. Just take 6 breaths in and hold for 2 and take 6 breaths out.

We need to try to be calm; we need to think about all those techniques that we have picked up.

Breathing has proved to be the most vital thing we can do to calm ourselves. Remember the fake it until you make it? Well breathing like we are calm can actually make our body calm.

Listening to relaxing and calming music can calm us and our children.

Going for a walk, run or dance can make our body feel much better.

Looking at a cute picture of a baby animal or a loved one can also be beneficial.

Telling yourself I am calm, I am healthy. I am excited about today can all have a positive impact.

Let us remember the winners that we are and lead the life we want to.

When we reflect on our day let it be one with minimal regrets. Live the life you want to remember be the best version of yourself today, tomorrow and from now on.

Have a wonderful weekend.



So it begins again…

Hi all,

The weekend is fast approaching followed by the start of a new month. For us parents this can be a very challenging time. But don’t despair. Remember all the tips and support you have heard.

Always remember there is a whole community out there willing to listen, share or advise. I feel comfort knowing that in this new 24 hour world there is always someone out there awake. All you have to do is use face book, twitter; text messages or whatever is your preference.

I find it incredible that people can now connect with each other at any moment. We need to take advantage of this technological revolution and embrace all the benefits we can.

Do not feel alone, isolated or anxious again. There is someone out there that has felt the humiliation of eyes staring, as you try to complete what to everyone else may be the easiest of tasks, but to you it may be a milestone.

Just reach out and you will read messages of joy, success or defeat.

But when that message of defeat is released bolster that individual with words of positivity and hope.

Good luck as the school run begins once again. Be calm when your instructions are ignored. Stand strong when the supermarket dash is full of chaos and moans of complain.

Remember to fake it until you make it. That stress is your body’s way of preparing you for action. Use that grit inside you to preserve. Lastly remember your field of diamonds. You already have everything you need to succeed. Preparation is a tool for success.

Lists, timetables and notices are your friend, put them on display to remind you of your goals, schedules and task to complete.

Let me know how great your weekend was and tell me about the first week back at school.

Take care and remember ask for help when you need it. Stay positive and have a growth mind set.