Remember to see beyond today


Hello everyone, thanks for checking in with me. Sometimes you can feel like things aren’t going to get better. But you have to remember to think beyond the moment you are in. Right now I am going through recovery, I am trying to get my body to heal and be strong enough to function. But the obstacles of pain, depondancy, despair and burdens are getting to me.

I know that l have to get through the here and now and get to each tomorrow, until I am at the stage when my body has healed and I am better. Whatever we are going through in life we need to remember that one day in the future it will be the past. Right now this list of things I need to do to get better seems overwhelming, but if I see it as one type of exercise to do and one bit of food to eat and one drink to drink and one day of pain to get through eventually I will achieve my target of being better.

I have to remember each thing does not have to be prefect l just have to do it and keep on doing it and know that l will eventually be better.

So I suggest to you to remember just get started and keep trying as Newton said if you are moving or staying still it is difficult to change to the other. So once we start we can just keep going until we reach our goal or destination.

Ask for help and let others know what you need. Feel as if you have achieved it already. I have been reminding myself how good I usually feel and I told my family how I have been feeling and they have agreed to do their best to help. So let us rememember we can get through today and know that one day we will be feeling good again. We must reinforce the feeling already healed already done.

Let us support each other and work together so we can respond in a positive way and so we are better.

Take care Cally

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