Think about it, how precious is time?

Hi everyone, thanks for checking in with me. This year is special because it is a leap year. Waiting four years for a leap year, so much time has passed. Do we truly value how precious time is? I just visited my in-laws and time seemed to past at a different rate. When I look at my children and see how they are growing and developing, I think how time passes so quickly. Why is it, when we are doing something pleasant, we don’t see how the speed of time changes?

Bruce Lee said something that has stayed in my mind: “If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”

I suggest to you, that you remember to live your life and use each precious moment in a way that you enjoy. Spend your moments doing the things you say you will do someday. When is someday? Is it today? Tomorrow? A week from now? If ever?

There are so many things l want to do. Thanks to a fellow blogger, Seb, I have a checklist of things that will stimulate my mind and give me the “feel good” feeling.

I want to reflect on my memories knowing I felt good everyday and I kept feeling better. I want to be excited about each new day, because it is an opportunity to do all those things that make me feel alive. I want to experience all there is to feel.

One of my favourite authors Charles Haanel, inspired me to have goals and what type of person you need to be. I want to know that I am whole, perfect, loving, harmonious, powerful, strong and happy. He made me realise that you need to feel good.

I know that l feel good everyday and others are starting to feel good. People often ask me why do l feel so good?  I tell them about the good days and the slightly less good times and that they can feel good as well.

Let us use our time well everyday, so we fulfil our dreams, I know that I am feeling good and those around me are feeling good also.

I shared my idea with my children and they really are adorable and supportive children. We have written our goals and we have described the feeling that we want to achieve and we are holding on to it. My husband kinda likes the idea but he says he doesn’t do back flips. Who does? Don’t allow others to distract you.

So join us in thinking about how to use your time to feel good. Use your time well so that you are not missing a part that would fulfil you. What do you need to do to feel whole and complete? What do you need to do so you can face those challenges, so that you feel strong and powerful? So you can say yes to opportunities and no to time wasting and negative situations? So you can be loving to yourself and those you care for? Why should you use your precious time wisely? So that the result will be that you are happy.

Thomas Edison once remarked: “Time is the only capital any human being has and the only thing he cannot afford to lose.”

Good luck to us all on this wonderful journey of life, let us be the best version of ourselves and fulfil our hopes and dreams.

Take care and let me know how to use that precious time.

Happy Cally.

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For a great source of knowledge and tips to help you improve your life check out Seb.

34 thoughts on “Think about it, how precious is time?

  1. Cally, many thanks for sharing this on the gift of a day this Leap Year. Your words are both wise and reflective. I witness daily people in a hurry to get somewhere and do nothing. They have become passengers in their own lives. We need to take more of our world in and stop to converse with people we encounter. Through these moments, we can gain that happiness you propose.

    Today, I took delight in receiving the biggest of grins from a young girl with her mother, who was on the phone. As I was out for a walk, I case upon them and noticed her shirt that said “Swim Happy.” As I passed, I commented that I loved her shirt and asked how do you swim happy, do you smile while you swim? My reward was the broadest of smiles.

    Thanks for what you write about. I sense a kind soul which we need more of. Keith

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    • Hello Keith, as always l value your input and comments. As l have said before you are a wonderful role model. Let’s keep contributing what we can to make our world better. Take care Cally.


    • Hello Keith, thanks for your wonderful insight and comments. I hope together we can be great role models and encourage others to be kind and polite. Take care Cally.


  2. What a wonderful post on the most precious thing we have in our lives. It’s far too easy to waste it away in worrying about what’s happened in the past and what we have ahead of us in the future. Instead of focusing on what we have now, today. I always say to my kids, don’t worry about tomorrow, it will take care of itself. Again, lovely post.

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    • Hello Miriam, it feels so good when you think of a post that reminds people of the important things. Thanks so much for your input and l am glad we know how precious time is and how it helps us. Take care Cally.

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  3. Hi Calli!
    I am glad that you like my posts and really glad they can help people in some ways.
    Thank you for mentioning my name and my work in your post. Much appreciated! Oh and I really like the title in your blog: Some special people. I definitely think you’re one of them Special People.
    Thank you again! 😊


  4. Thanks. I needed this reminder. Time is special. I’m tired of wasting it.
    I remember my first year teaching was a leap year. I encouraged my freshman class a few days before to do something special on Feb 29th. Something they would remember. A couple boys took me seriously, showed up early to school and played LeapFrog around the halls. Yup. Totally ridiculous freshman boys. But they remember it. And so do I. 18 years later.
    Off to do something… 🙂

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    • I really liked your memory, it was really inspiring. It is great that blogging connects you with so many varied and interesting people. I look forward to us sharing and making new memories. Take care Cally.£


    • Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. It is incredible how time just keeps ticking along whether we are using it or not. Let’s use our time to really appreciate how great life is. Take care Cally.


    • Thanks. I love this image. It reminds me how beautiful our world is. It invites me to just enjoy life. The sky is blue;the grass is so stunning;the flowers are vibrant and so colourful. Every opportunity to look at it l will. Take care Cally.


  5. Very motivating and an important reminder to use our time wisely. I will be thinking of how I use mine more often — “yes to opportunities and no to wasting time and negative situations.” Like the way you put that.


  6. What a wonderful attitude you have Cally. It is inspiring. I too have been down this road for many years, but have always been making great memories. I am now pushing 73 and still I always have more to do. I have fought Cancer three times and various other things, but just kept in mind that I am here and will not leave, nor feel sorry for myself. When things happen to me it just makes me appreciate life more. Keep on keeping on Cally, you are doing great. :o)

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  7. Hi Cally, for some reason I just saw this! We learned something similar in my chronic pain management program. We were to set a goal (for the day, the week, the month) along with our strategy and expected outcome. It was partly to help us compartmentalize the small amounts of energy we have when in a pain flare, and to bring some structure and happiness to our lives. It really feels good when you succeed and you have set yourself up for that success.

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