Feel good?

Hello everyone, thanks for checking in with me. Do you feel good? Well, l am feeling good and l want to keep feeling better.

I have been reflecting and reading and l know that l feel good when l have a purpose. I feel good when l have something l am looking forward to achieving. Feeling good feels great! Just like smiling makes you feel good.

Children are amazing! they make feeling good look easy. My son is a master at feeling good. Mud made from rain gives him a purpose. He makes plans to play and build in that mud and he does it. Children can remind you to get on and do those things that make you feel good. The feeling of happiness l get when my son says, “Come on mummy! Come and play with me.”

Just get started feeling good. Getting started on what you feel is your purpose Β and what will help you to feel good.

Get prepared to get started on that small action that will get you on the road to feeling good. It can be different for you, but you know what you need to do, for it to be that first step. Now what needs to be done? It is all about feeling. What makes you feel good? What are those things you want to get done? And what is the next step?

You are in charge, manage what you need to do, manage your distractions. Move from a vague goal to actually what you need to do to get started.

Be the role model for yourself. Be clear on what you want to do to feel good. What are the things you need to do so that you can achieve that feeling of feeling good? What next? Just keep on being driven to achieve, so you feel good and keep feeling better.

Remember the present and the future are just a matter of time. Help the present you and future you to feel good by thinking about your goals and sense of purpose, and implement the actions you need to do to achieve.

When you look back with fond memories, it is because you lived the life that made you feel good. You will be grateful you created a foundation for your children to know mindset and purpose are the key.

S0 l ask you, do you feel good? I hope your future you will be able to say, “yes l do and l keep feeling better.”

Take care, feeling good, Cally.

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37 thoughts on “Feel good?

  1. Hi Cally. Yep, I’m feeling good. Just had a cooked breakfast with our friends and are now in the throes of getting ready to go out for a long walk with the dogs. Hopefully will get some photos today as the sun is out and the wind has dropped. That is another reason for feeling good! πŸ™‚


  2. I am feeling pretty darn good today Cally! Surrounded by people I care so much for, my health is good and inspite of my recent job loss I am confident that my life has much purpose! I’m excited about the unknown. Yeah I feel good☺️

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  3. Oh yes I like that be a role model for yourself. What wonderful idea! HUM what shall I do? I’ll get back to you on that.
    I love your image and this post what a beautiful sweet spirit you have about you! It’s so light and happy! Yay! ❀

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  4. Yes, feeling good! πŸ™‚ Just looking at the wonderful colours in the picture at the start of your post helped a lot on a day with grey skies! Also, it is almost weekend….. (ok, Thursday evening, but still, not far to go)! πŸ™‚ And it is a holiday week for us next week, so no alarm clock! πŸ˜‰

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    • Glad to hear from you. I value and appreciate your input. Feeling good when you achieve something is great. I have one day of this holiday to really enjoy with my boys. The sun is shining and l have packed a great lunch. Take care and keep on feeling good and feeling better.

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  5. I was happy to read your post today Cally. It is kind of gloomy outside and I was admittedly feeling a little like the weather. Thanks for a smile and some warmth through your words…and thanks for stopping by and visiting me as well!

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  6. That was really inspirational and timely. And just what I needed to hear:-). Love your blog. You’re right. Kids do keep one focused and make one feel good. Even a small spontaneous hug or kiss lights up my world and I love chasing them around my back garden and going on adventures to the playground and bowling at the weekends:-). Fantastic posts. Will take my time deliciously going through all your previous ones:-). People like you help to relight other people’s candles. A blessing. Ty

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