The power of your smile

Hi everyone, thanks for checking in with me. My year so far is going well and I wanted to share with you something that many of us take for granted and that is the power of a smile.

Smiling is so powerful and it is something that we can all do. You may find your smiling when you think about your day or that special someone, it can happen anywhere or at any moment.

l know smiling can I improve your whole mood. I have this friend and when we are in a meeting and I smile at her she just gets what l am thinking and we reflect each other’s smile and we look around the room and others start smiling too.

Sometimes that smile can transform into a giggle and when you are laughing and smiling it is one of the best feelings in the world. I have found some really brilliant blogs I am following and they just make me smile and laugh as l relate to the experience or picture the situation.

A smile can make you just fall in love with your child over and over again. One of the best feelings is the smile you get when your child sees that mummy and daddy have come to collect them from school, the way your child’s smile radiates around it makes you get butterflies.

A smile can signal forgiveness, a harder faces starts to soften and you know you are about to be forgiven and that loved one receives that smile and it lets them know you are sorry for upsetting them.

A smile can turn into a grin that signals that someone is going to have a very enjoyable evening and that you are so glad that someone loves you dearly.

So if you can start your day with a lovely smile. I highly recommend it! Thanks to my wonderful son who starts each day and night by putting his big cheesy smile right in my face as soon as he wakes up and before he goes to sleep. I love my children dearly and l love that a gesture like a smile can give so much hope and love.

So l suggest to you to remember the power of your smile and l hope you give and receive so many.

Take care and thanks for all those wonderful blogs and people who make us smile.

Thanks for reading smiling Cally





53 thoughts on “The power of your smile

  1. Hi Cally this is a great post and you are right a beautiful SMILE can change everything in many kinds of situations. I am a person that smile and you can see it from my Gravatar photo 😉 Thank you so much for stopping by my Blog today, and for the like and comment you left to my post about the natural remedies. I appreciate it very much. You have a very nice inspirational Blog and I decided to Follow if you like Follow back and stay connected! 🙂

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  2. Lovely post! It is easy to get caught up in our own thoughts when we are out and about and forget to smile. People seem more open to approach you or talk to you when you wear a smile, giving you a chance to connect with someone that you otherwise might not have.

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  3. Lovely post & true. Whenever I wake up & I’m not happy I just go to a mirror and smile at myself. Odd! Maybe but it always works it get my endorphins working and then I can pass that smile on. 😀 thanks for reminding us to smile more.

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    • Thanks for your input. Yes, my children love it when l smile and they notice if l don’t look happy. Children notice so much. Think of something and hopefully it will be a habit before you know it. Take care Cally.

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  4. What a lovely blog you have! It is so true about smiling, I always believe that it takes way more effort to be miserable and a smile can make someone’s day! 🙂

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  5. Cally, many thanks for following my blog. I am a big believer in greeting folks with a smile or hello. It does not work every time, but I try to find some connection with cashiers, wait staff, clerks, etc. to have little conversations. It might be an unusual name, a neat tattoo or head covering, but those connections are out there. Take care and please feel free to comment if I write something that strikes your fancy. Keith

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  6. HI Cally,
    I know many people here like Tony, Julia, and Lydia. You liked a comment I made on Maria’s blog, and I wanted to come by and introduce myself.
    In regards to your post, my mother always taught me about the power of the smile and still does. Congratulations on having an engaged community!
    Thank you again for liking my comment.

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