Why do we need to listen and give hope?

Why do we need to listen and give hope?

Hello everyone, thank you for checking in with me. I have been overwhelmed with how wonderful my wordpress community is. I have been inspired, moved and tearful reading the stories and experiences of my follow bloggers. I just want to say well done to everyone for being willing to help others to grow and develop. I have so much hope for the present and the future that I feel blessed.

I have had a challenging couple of weeks, and each time when things were really getting to me, something or someone gave me hope and encouragement. I hurt my knee and it has been giving me such pain and discomfort that it has been getting me down. It’s amazing how so many movements and activities involve bending your knee.  I am hoping that one way or another, my knee issue gets resolved. I should know by the weekend what is wrong with it. I just hope it is not from my running.

I have been trying to listen to all those who have reached out to me and really try to help all those that I can. I have created some additional web pages on my domain so I can spread the word about all the causes and issues people have been telling me about.

I think that mental wellbeing is so vital to us having hope, because without it we can feel so helpless and lost and unless there is someone to support us we can get trapped in a downward spiral. At the moment a friend of mine is feeling overwhelmed with her burdens – she has siblings but feels that all family issues are left to her to resolve. When she listed the issues; I was speechless and I realised she needed to rant and rave and just let it out. Sometimes, all we can do to support someone is to be there and just listen. Sometimes, a person’s issues cannot be resolved without the person talking it through and feel that someone is willing to hear what they have to say. My friend contacted me once she had calmed down and simply said thanks for listening. “I just needed someone to hear me, not to compare their life to mine, not to say how everything going to be alright, but to hear I am upset and overwhelmed with my burden”.

So I suggest to you that we have hope for ourselves and our friends but know that first we must listen to what someone has to say. That maybe, what the person needs first, is to know someone is willing to listen, and then after they have talked, give them the hope they need to cope with their issues. I know now, how important just being there at the right time can make all the difference for someone. Even here on my blog, someone wrote me a lovely comment and it made me smile and gave me relief from my knee agony for a few blissful moments. You never know how one moment of kindness and consideration of another person can have such a positive impact. So take that moment and let someone know you are there, listening and willing to give hope and inspiration when requested or needed.

Let me know how you get on, and don’t be disheartened by your challenges and struggles. Be there for someone when they just need someone to hear their cry for help and to acknowledge that right now they are being challenged. Let them know that you will listen and support them.

Good luck to us all and remember we have a wonderful community that is willing to share, care and listen. Thank you to all those who have made me remember the obvious: we all can make a differences for the better and we all matter.

Take care,


24 thoughts on “Why do we need to listen and give hope?

  1. Caring is the #1 ingredient needed to help others. Without it, no amount of professional training can ever truly reach the core of another individual. There is a special connection that can only be achieved when the heart opens up to a person in need. It is obvious, you are blessed with the #1 ingredient.

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  2. Hope is the prime mover of our life. I experienced this while i had gone to my home town a few days back. During getting my room washed, i got slipped due to which i broke my palm connecting bone of left hand. There was severe pain. Time being 2 PM when all the hospitals doctors etc go for break.and i was feeling a unbearably severest pain despite taking pain killer. i was taken to the nearest hospital at that time despite time constraints. i met the doctor (ortho.). Although it was a lunch break, yet, the concerned dr. and one more dr. besides one physio. volunteered to provide medical help. All the requisite formalities formalities were completed ; like making case sheet, taking x-ray, examining the x-ray etc and meeting all requisite formalities the HOD with the assistance of others helped did plastering etc with minimum pain just within a span of 25 minutes and in the process relieving me of severe pain and helpin me in saving me from hopeless situation. This shows that we can be relieved of hopeless situation with the active cooperation of professionals which count, God’s help and appropriate situation created by our fellow humans.

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  3. I’m sorry to hear about your knee. I hope that issue resolves itself in a good way. As to your friend’s comments, well she’s right, of course. Listening really is the first part of offering genuine help. Sometimes nothing more is required and sometimes it is, but either way, the listening stage is a key one.


  4. I really love your transparency here Cally! Thanks for being honest and sharing! I am also nursing a bum knee and really being hopeful that I don’t need surgery! My thoughts, hopes and prayers are with you! Keep your audience posted and have a Happy New Year!


  5. By now I think your knee is better and you are back to running again. Do get the required treatment if it is not, after proper diagnosis. And I really liked your post about listening. We are all so quick to half listen and give out advice and opinion to others that we really do not hear their cry of anguish. Blogging is much better because here you read fully, think about it and then respond. In real conversations, it is more difficult and requires awareness and practice.


  6. My favourite line from this: “You never know how one moment of kindness and consideration of another person can have such a positive impact.” Such a good point! It does get tiring when all people want to do is offer advice. For me, when I tell someone something, I’d rather they just showed empathy than come up with a dozen solutions. Cheers.


  7. Cally, thanks for following my blog. I thought I would comment here as this title resonated with me. Listening is a lost art that we need to rekindle. Many listen to respond, not to understand. As you note, just the act of listening is therapeutic. My wife, who is the best of listeners, will tell me sometimes, “I don’t want you to try to fix this, just listen.” Let me close by saying an old boss used to say to our consultants, “You have two ears and one mouth, use them in that proportion.” Nice post. I welcome your comments when you stop by. All the best, Keith

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