Why is it so vital for us to make time for ourselves?

Hello everyone,

Thanks again for checking in with me. I am glad to say after sharing my stories about stress and behaviour management issues, lots of tips and words of wisdom have been given to me.

One of the most useful bits of advice I was given was to reflect and remember that whatever is upsetting or worrying you will one day just be a distant memory, so breathe and get through the day. This to me is so important to remember because when I reflect and look back at all the challenges I have experienced I know that I made it through. We can always make it through if we breathe and fake it until we make it.

We must stop, ask for support and help. We must look on the bright side of life and find something that we enjoy. I have signed up to do another 5k run for charity. It will give me a purpose and reason to take time for myself, and to take some time to train. Consequently I will feel better and make positive changes.

There are so many demands on parents that we have to remember the best way to take care of our children, is to take care of ourselves. If we are healthy and happy we can give our children a stable, positive and nurturing environment in which to thrive, so that they can be their true self and know confidently that no matter what they are valued, loved and respected.

Good luck to all of us, let us all remain positive in all situations and know that we are strong, capable and significant beings that will be triumphant. We have grit and determination and we are on a winning team.

Thank you for your support and listen to that person you know especially if crying out to be heard.


Remember to visit my site and get those book reviews and event details and I will promote it and so we can support each other.


7 thoughts on “Why is it so vital for us to make time for ourselves?

  1. When you set the time aside, make others aware this is your time you are not to be disturbed, they will respect that and you will get a lot accomplished.
    Writing goals down so you can tick them off when done is (for me) a huge thing. I have so much I am doing in a day, if I don’t write down a list,I forget what I was going to do and nothing gets done.


  2. I’m a natural introvert. I like being social and all, but I from time to time need to find some space and time for myself. Mostly to reflect and ponder over my current life.

    Sometimes it leads to breakthroughs and sometimes it doesn’t.


  3. Spending time on yourself is one of the best things one can do for their health.
    It is also important that we not only work on our alone time but increasing our self esteem so when we are around others we can still be as happy as we are when we are alone.


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