Why is resilience so vital to success?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for checking in with me. I am so grateful for you taking an interest in me.

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It is so good to have the opportunity to update you on my progress. My week has been eventful and hectic but I have resilience so I will bounce back with each and every setback. I am still going to remind you of the importance of gratitude because it goes hand in hand with resilience (well for me anyway).

As I type I am supervising my middle child to complete his homework and I can tell you it is quite challenge getting him to begin, stay focused and to complete. The moans and signs and looks of disgust from this child are incredible. I have used several techniques of spreading the homework over several days and yet still it is so exhausting for this poor child and me.

How I long for this heartbreaking moment to be over. The sound track of his discomfort will soon be complete. His hands over his face and look of dismay will soon be complete, just 10 more questions to go…

It is so amazing to think that someone could be absolutely overjoyed just because a small child has completed one part the monotonous task of writing a word out several times on a sheet, until he has looked, checked covered and repeated again and again.  Then move on to questions to answerabout  tenses…Oh what joy this is and there is still more to do on Sunday.

Yet his ability to preserve and keep going even though he protests and groans he continues. Thus I am extremely impressed with this small child’s resilience. He will succeed because he has a goal. He counts down how many questions he has remaining. He asks for help when he deems it necessary.

I suggest we remind ourselves of the small victories we have had. We focus on the goals we want and have. We stay on track and accept that all good things come to those who wait, but while waiting we find some comfort and joy to help us to preserve and toughen up during the trying times.

Good luck to us all, as we make our way through this incredible minefield of parenthood. Let us continue to develop the tools we need to help to inspire, support and guide our beloved children.

We must remember to fake it until we make it, continue to develop our grit and know we are the masters of our destiny.

Take care all and let me know about your challenges and victories. Sigh when you have to, cry when you need to and do your best to find something to laugh about!



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