The importance of gratitude

Hi everyone,

I am grateful that I have made it through the first week of school with my children. I remembered the tips and advice that we have been sharing.

It is easy to look at what someone else has and think: why can’t that be me? But do you know if they are thinking the same thing about your life?

We have so many things that we take for granted. I can guarantee you that there is someone out there wishing they had something that you have right now. We need to step out of the moment of upset and breathe. Just take 6 breaths in and hold for 2 and take 6 breaths out.

We need to try to be calm; we need to think about all those techniques that we have picked up.

Breathing has proved to be the most vital thing we can do to calm ourselves. Remember the fake it until you make it? Well breathing like we are calm can actually make our body calm.

Listening to relaxing and calming music can calm us and our children.

Going for a walk, run or dance can make our body feel much better.

Looking at a cute picture of a baby animal or a loved one can also be beneficial.

Telling yourself I am calm, I am healthy. I am excited about today can all have a positive impact.

Let us remember the winners that we are and lead the life we want to.

When we reflect on our day let it be one with minimal regrets. Live the life you want to remember be the best version of yourself today, tomorrow and from now on.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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