So it begins again…

Hi all,

The weekend is fast approaching followed by the start of a new month. For us parents this can be a very challenging time. But don’t despair. Remember all the tips and support you have heard.

Always remember there is a whole community out there willing to listen, share or advise. I feel comfort knowing that in this new 24 hour world there is always someone out there awake. All you have to do is use face book, twitter; text messages or whatever is your preference.

I find it incredible that people can now connect with each other at any moment. We need to take advantage of this technological revolution and embrace all the benefits we can.

Do not feel alone, isolated or anxious again. There is someone out there that has felt the humiliation of eyes staring, as you try to complete what to everyone else may be the easiest of tasks, but to you it may be a milestone.

Just reach out and you will read messages of joy, success or defeat.

But when that message of defeat is released bolster that individual with words of positivity and hope.

Good luck as the school run begins once again. Be calm when your instructions are ignored. Stand strong when the supermarket dash is full of chaos and moans of complain.

Remember to fake it until you make it. That stress is your body’s way of preparing you for action. Use that grit inside you to preserve. Lastly remember your field of diamonds. You already have everything you need to succeed. Preparation is a tool for success.

Lists, timetables and notices are your friend, put them on display to remind you of your goals, schedules and task to complete.

Let me know how great your weekend was and tell me about the first week back at school.

Take care and remember ask for help when you need it. Stay positive and have a growth mind set.


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