Is preparation the key to success and achieving our goals? Earl Nightingale

Hi everyone,

I suggest to you that preparation is vital for our children’s success. We must prepare ourselves with the knowledge and skills to help each other.

If we have a goal we need to think about how we are going to achieve it. We need to know which steps we can take to be a success. We must research and prepare for any task we are to successfully complete.

Acres of Diamonds Article by: Earl Nightingale

Has helped me to understand that if you don’t prepare then prepare to fail.

The wonderful story teaches us yes go for our goals, but you need to know what that goal involves. You must remember to think and consider what you need to know. For instance, do you need to know how to find it? Do you need to know what it looks like? What do you need to know to achieve your goal? We need to be clear in our mind what it is we want and how we will get it.

The Acres of Diamonds story is told of an African farmer who heard tales about other farmers, who became wealthy by discovering diamond mines. These stories motivated the farmer so much that without preparation he sold his farm to go prospecting for diamonds himself. From the farmers experience it is indicated that it is vital to prepare, so we can succeed.

I suggest to you that as Earl Story states “each of us is, at this very moment, standing in the middle of our own acres of diamonds. If we had only had the wisdom and patience to intelligently and effectively explore the work in which we’re now engaged, to explore ourselves, we would most likely find the riches we seek, whether they be financial or intangible or both.”(Earl Nightingale )

I suggest to you that as the story reminds us, we must stop and think about what we want. We have wonderful children that love us dearly. We must support each other by discovering what each of us can do to prepare. We must develop our patience. Remember to consider what do we need to be knowledgeable about,so that we do not waste the opportunities right in front of us.

Someone else may seem to have all the things that we want, but we must not waste our time thinking someone else has it all. We can have what we want, if we just research and prepare.

So remember what Earl said:”Before you go running off to what you think are greener pastures, make sure that your own is not just as green or perhaps even greener.  Besides, while you’re looking at other pastures, other people are looking at yours.” So you already have what it takes to be successful and happy.

Lets share our knowledge and experiences so that we are all motivated to change for success.

So what are your goals?

What research have you done to achieve them?

What help do you need?

Check out the links below. Earl has so many wise messages to help us to be positive and happy.

Thanks Cally

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