Can playing games be good for your well being?

Hello everyone,

I have had such a hectic day. But let me take a moment to tell you about how we can be stronger and healthy. I always try to remind you that we have to feel okay about asking for help and supporting, each other so we can cope with our challenges. Yesterday I suggested to you that stress can be a positive. Today I am going to suggest to you that playing games can be really good for your well being.

What games do you like to play? I love to play Pac Man. I am actually extremely proud of myself when it comes to Pac Man. I am in the top five percent on X-Box DX Pac Man. The idea that playing can actually be good for me is an idea I find comforting.

When I was little there was a rule you lose and you are out of the game. So that meant you have to wait for someone to lose to get your turn again. Now I am an adult I still have to be waiting for my turn because of the list of things that need to be completed and all the additional support special need children require.

When I came across research from someone I really respected I knew it was an opportunity to really reflect on things. So I suggest we put things in prospective and realise the present is now but it will soon pass so stay positive and get through another set of challenges.

Some of you might recognise the name or the face. She is absolutely awe inspiring and I highly recommend you check this out. Another incentive is that it will apparently add to your well being. Jane McGonigal will help us play so we can get 7 minutes of bonus life. Do the challenges it will help you in so many ways.

Lets enjoy and be happy. Hope you agree that this is amazing research.

Let us play and be champions players. Let us ask for help and connect with friends and family.

Let me know if you feel better tackling challenges. We need to value today and enjoy it so we have fewer regrets.


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