Can stress be a positive thing?

Hi everyone,

There can be different situtions that make us feel stressed. I think that if we know and accept it is going to happen, then we can change our mindset to help us to cope. We need to not allow it to be a negative. We need to view those signs of stress as the body preparing for action.

For instance I know I have just four weeks to be ready for my Teach First River Run. I have just be informed that the location of one of the courses I am signed up for has been moved, instead of 8 more sessions there will be four longer days from 8-5.30. As you know when you have a family and you have a lot of family things to do before you leave to be at the location. So I have to change how I view these situations.

There has been lots of interesting research about stress. One of my favourites is by Kelly McGonigal. She has really helped me to know the upside or positive side. So when you are stressed ask for help you have a mechanism which is human connection.

I listened with keen interest to find out how this stress could be a positive.I have to manage my time to complete several tasks that all seem to be looming closer and closer. So I need to see all these things as something to look forward to as an opportinity to share my experiences and get support. The feeling of stress is my body being ready. Remember when I told you about Amy Cuddy – Fake it until you make it. Well prime yourself to believe stress is a positive thing.

We have to remember all the previous tips I have suggested to help us to cope. We need to support  those we care about and make others aware of the challenges we experience.

So I read several of her comments and have been reading her book. It is so informative and helpful. Check out her site and Ted talk.

So let me know if you agree that stress can be a good thing because it gives us the opportunity to help each other and reconnect.

Connect with others when you are stressed. We need to share our experiences and challenges.

Kelly has found a way for stress to be your friend. We need as many friends as we can.

Take care


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