Does your body language shape who you are? Can you fake it until you make it?

Hi everyone,

We must continue to share our challenges and support each other.

I believe in the importance of motivation. What I suggest is that you fake it until you make it.

What do I mean by that? We have all experienced challenges. But it is how we react that makes the differences.

If we fake that we are calm and in control of the situation, we can become calmer because we will breathe better and start to become more relaxed.

So don’t give up when something is challenging. If we want to succeed, I have suggested that you need grit. So this is where the fake it until you make it suggestion comes in. You have to tell yourself I am strong, or I am powerful and then act as if it has already happen. Remember people make judgements by how you act. We must be great role models and show our children how to use their body language to be successful. We must give them the tools for success. What can they do if they are feeling worried or scared? Give them a plan they can use.

It would be good to see this in action. There is a brillant  TED talk with  Amy Cuddy that can just bring tears to you face. I mean it you need to check it out. She tells you about her exeprience of faking it until she made it.

That is what we need to do. Each day when we are struggling to get the children ready for school. Or our day seems to be getting worse for what ever reason. We have to stop and smile and act like a winner. We need to stop and do the power stance. We need to get those arms up in the air or do the Wonder Woman pose for two minutes. It will make such a difference to how we tackle any challenging situation. Or as my eldeste son said when he watched it you might look so silly you start to laugh and that will also make you feel relaxed enough to handle any challenging situation. All I could say was well done.

So check out the link below and tell me if you were crying, laughing or feeling like the winner you are.

Have a great time


2 thoughts on “Does your body language shape who you are? Can you fake it until you make it?

    • Hi, your reply got lost due to lost of network coverage. Basically Ted talks are conferences where people meet to discuss their ideas about something they want others to be aware of. My favourites are Amy Cuddy on body language and Grit. There are Ted talks on so many thinks and they really can get you thinking about so many things. Let me know which one is your favourite. Take care Cally.


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