The key to success? Grit

Hello everyone,

I hope your feeling good.

I want to just remind you about my motto motivating change for success.

I am so excited because I Just wanted to give you a really good tip and remind you how important it is that we stay motivated for success.

I am so grateful that I can ask for help and that I can cope with challenges.

People are always commenting to me :

that you never give up do you

you just perserve on whatever you set your mind to.

Why can I stick at anything? It is because I have grit and I want to make sure that you do to.

I have previously mentioned the importance of grit and I have found someone on Ted talks who has completed research and she helps us to understand the significance of Grit.

Angela Lee Duckworth tells it like it is. She explains what our children need to have to succeed. As I have always believed motivation is the key. We need to be motivated role models. We need to make sure our children are aware of a growth mind set. Which means we must believe we can succeed.

We must believe we can improve and keep on getting better.

We must stick with our goal and achieve those targets.

I have included the link below.

Thanks for your support


2 thoughts on “The key to success? Grit

  1. I listened the speech of Angela from TED talk. Every time I watched this video, I feel motivated and inspired. She tell us how we can teach our children to be successful in their life and how to develop growth mindset. Thanks for the article.


  2. We have to teach our children social and moral values so that they’ll stick with their goals and achieve all the targets in your life. Tell them not to loose hope and work hard in their bad times.


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