Setting goals

Hello everyone,

I hope you are feeling good.

As I have said previously, we need to be continually looking to motivate ourselves and strive for success but how?

We need to have goals.

If we have goals we have a purpose.

When times are challenging we can remind ourselves about goals. I have family goals, work goals and personal goals.

Each morning I check out a wonderful site by Brian Johnson.(See link below)

Brian is excellent because he reminds me that we are here to optimise our life.

The best way I think we can do that is to be the best versions of ourselves, so we can help each other and most importantly be great role models for our children. If our children witness us trying and trying no matter how difficult it is, they will realise that we must have goals so we can be successful.

I recommend having goals that you can divide up into sections, so that the goals do not feel overwhelming.

I have been preparing my youngest son for reception school, we have talking about what to expect. We have been discussing our goals for school and talking about how to help him to be ready. We came up with a plan together. We are going to make sure he can confidently do things for himself. I have been working on different areas like well being, speaking/ listening and his phonics.

I made a list of different ways I can provide opportunties to develop his skills, awareness and knowledge.

Each day I do fun activities like cooking, gardening or exploring so he has an opportunity to do things which will ensure that he has the skills to help him to cope in reception. It is really vital to provide opportunities for him to make choices and work towards his goals.

One of the reasons it is so important to me that more people are aware of children and people with special needs is because we have to interact with people during our everyday routines or any part of our day.

I look forward to the day I achieve my goal to travel and explore the world.

Remember to have goals and just work towards it each day, week, month and year.

We can succeed.

Let me know what your goals are.

Take care have a great time.


2 thoughts on “Setting goals

  1. I came to know about that you just started this blog for the people with some kind of challenges. I would like to thank you for doing such great job. Your thoughts can help many people out there. Please keep writing more and more, I’d love to read your articles.


  2. Everyone has some set of rules in their life and they are working very hard to achieve that. We need to divide them in pieces need to adjust the deadline for each one. This was we can set our predefined goals.


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