Teach First – Run the River

Hello everyone,

Thanks for checking in with me. Just want to let you all know about somethings I am doing to help increase awareness for children that need help.

Just got back from my run. I have signed up to do my first ever Teach First Run the River.

I have been chatting with some of the other runners and they are really excited because it is for such a good cause.

There are 3,000 runners signed up for a twilight Thames challenge!
Teach First’s annual Run the River event returns to More London on 15 September 2015 at 7pm. Walk.

What I really like about it is that you don’t have to already be fit and super healthy because you can jog or run. The other thing is that there is a 5k & 10k routes along the Thames past iconic landmarks such as Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and Shakespeare’s Globe.

All funds raised by Run the River will go towards Teach First’s work to give every child access to a brilliant education.

http://www.teachfirst.org.uk/run-river-2015  (lets make it sold out )

My sons are really excited about this and have been putting their extra energy to locate great sites to help me prepare for the Teach First – Run the River.

The one I really recommend is the from the couch to 5k I have included the link below.


This is another opportunity for people to become more aware of the needs of children facing challenges.

If you have training tips to help let me know.

Take care have a great time.


One thought on “Teach First – Run the River

  1. It will be a real excitement to run the river. Anyone can join Tech First river run but make sure that tickets don’t get empty. You are doing great job for children. Best of luck with that.


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