Getting fit (Change4Life for UK only)

Hello everyone,

As you all know I am in training for my Teach First Run the River.

Before I begin just want to say that exercise in any form is good. So use this to motivate and excite you.

Most important thing is just get moving when you can.

10 minute shake up

Just wanted to let you know about a wonderful way to encourage our children to exercise with the bonus gift you can get for your children.

My sons were very excited when the postman delivered a package with their names on it .

Nevermind how happy they were when they looked inside. (Added bonus the pack is free)

Whats great about it is that it a great teaching opportunity. So many children never receive post delivered by a postman anymore. It is set up like a game so there are teams and challenges.

(The cards have been used by boys to play snap, they have been using the resources in all sort of creative ways)

It is called the 10 minute shake up, it is bright and attractive. It will help get our children engaged.

There is a choice of four different themes.

I must warn you are limited to three per house and the themes are:

Toy story



Big Hero 6

and each pack contains the wristband timer, cards, poster and challenges.

You can still do it If you don’t have a wristband timer or aren’t near a computer, use your smartphone, or other timer to keep track of their Shake Up time.

Another warning is that my son was very disappointed that Big Hero 6 does not come with a wristband timer.

I have put the link below. It a great game format and it has great themes that you children will know and love.

So lets get fit and healthy together so we are motivate to be successful.

Good luck and get it before its sold out. Remember this offer is for UK only (Sorry)

Have a great time


One thought on “Getting fit (Change4Life for UK only)

  1. I want 10 minute shake up! My toddler will surely love this thing. And I also can leep track of his physical activity. I’m going to order it now and also recommend this to my friend, maybe it’ll help them.


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