Hello world!

Thanks for reading somespecialpeople.

A warm welcome to some special people.

We are a growing group of like minded people who have experienced challenges.

We know that sharing our experiences will make us stronger.

Some of us have children, friends, family or someone that is special to us with additional or special needs.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our children and adults have ambition for themselves.

Our motto is: motivating change for success.

We are continuallly looking to motivate ourselves to improve and strive for success by having goals, grit and motivation.

Please support us by making others aware that we all have challenges to over come but with more awareness we can support each other by making others aware. We can motivate change for success and help each other.

I hope that you will continue to share your experiences.

Please help me to make more people aware.

Thanks for you interest, I am so grateful for you support.

Some special people

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. I am sharing your blog and story in my article, so it can be reach to the maximum people. If we motivates each others and help each others, we’ll be able to create awareness in people around us.


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